How Positivity Can Change What You See

Psychologists have found that gratitude is therapeutic.People who engage in a daily gratitude practice enjoy overall better mental health,a healthier outlook,and an improved quality of life.

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8 Romantic Dates for Nature Lovers

If fancy restaurants bore you to tears,and you couldn't care less about what's playing at the movies,this Valentine's Day date list is for you.Put on your hiking boots.

How to Support Immunity All Winter Long

With temperatures across the country dipping well into the negatives last week,one thing is clear: winter is here and with those downright freezing (and dangerous) temperatures,cold,flu and other infections are here,too.Support your immune system with our winter wellness tips.

3 Ways to Change Up Your Winter Fitness Routine

While you might be tempted to hibernate under a pile of pillows and cozy throws — opting outdoors during the coldest months could be of major benefit to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Nomad's Guide to Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids,for a lot of people,has become a laughable pastime and generally more trouble than it's worth.But for a lot of parents,staying put postpartum just wasn't an option,and they've done more than found a way to make it work — they've found a way to love it.

Protecting National Parks During the Government Shutdown

In the wake of the ongoing government shutdown,despite limited park staff in place to man gates and maintain the safety of both the grounds and visitors,more than half of America's national parks remain open to the public.

High Fashion Meets High Giving: Introducing Olivela

High fashion isn't something you typically see going hand in hand with humanitarian efforts.It's not something I've encountered much of in the luxury fashion and beauty space — until discovering Olivela.

Do You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses??

We hear it constantly from all angles: too much technology is bad for you.But really,how bad is it?Is too much screen time really the cause of so much trouble,and if so,what can we do to help??

5 Podcasts for a Better You

If you think about it,January is the perfect time to make changes big and small in your life,whether you're getting outside more and welcoming more activity into your life thanks to the cold,crisp and sunny January days or finally quitting that bad habit you've been meaning to quit with a support team of similarly resolution-oriented family and friends.

4 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Bottles

Though we are trying to reduce the single-use plastic in our homes,it is sometimes inevitable to have to purchase that 2-liter milk jug or gallon of laundry detergent.So instead of tossing your empty plastic bottles into that big blue recycling bin,here are four fun and unique creations you can make at home.

4 Cookbooks for a Happier,Healthier 2019

Whether your definition of a healthy lifestyle includes all-vegan meals or a strictly vegetarian stance,whether you're living that CrossFit life and eating paleo or simply curious to discover a new way of eating or preparing food for yourself — we have a cookbook to help you live it out.

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