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Topic: Politics + Advocacy

Make Friends With Guppyfriend

We’ve all seen the images. Tragic, heartrending photos of sea birds and fish, whales and turtles affected by plastic pollution. The ocean is polluted by approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic debris every year.

Why I Care About Sharks and You Should Too

Nobody wants to run into a shark in the ocean, but these marine predators serve a big purpose. What happens when they stop appearing in our neighborhood waters?


To help support landscapes ranging from wildlands, working farms, and forests, to urban communities in the center of the city, this group of volunteers fight for their belief that no matter what horizon you fall into, we are all interconnected.

How to Help Protect 5 of the Most Pristine Places in Alaska

Known for its towering mountain peaks and glaciers, Alaska is full of biomes. You can venture out to old growth forests, untouched wetlands, tundras or find yourself gazing at wild salmon swimming down a river. This past month, we learned about Alaska Wilderness League and their mission—to protect and defend America’s last wild lands.

6 Ways We Changed the World Together in 2018

2018 was an exciting year as we ramped up our giving program through our 1% for the Planet membership. Before we launch into 2019, we wanted to take a quick moment to share some of the incredible feats we accomplished together in the past year.

We are Still in: Standing Up for the Planet

When your government doesn’t follow through the way you would, you don’t have to sit down and accept it. Meet We Are Still In, the movement that’s encouraging us all to stand up for the Paris Climate Agreement, and see how we’re aiming to help make a difference.

5 Ways You Can Help Protect our Oceans Right Now

The ocean is a powerful force of nature, and its health is critical to sustaining life on Earth. What can you do?
The Inland Ocean Coalition shares 5 ways to act now, regardless of where you live.

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