2020 Impact Report



2020 was a year like no other — and one we’ll never forget. From a pandemic that took the lives of millions and affected everyone to an election that challenged our very democracy to tragic killings at the hands of police — and nationwide protests — that made institutional racism impossible to ignore to shocking wildfire, an endless hurricane season, and an ever-worsening climate crisis, it was a year that forced us all to take account of our values.

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For Avocado, we first had to look inward. Then, we knew we had to act. We had to keep pushing our commitment to the intersectionality of environmental and social responsibility on which we founded the company. We took our Climate Neutral certification a step further: In March, we became the first carbon negative mattress company on the planet — 20 years ahead of the target set by the Paris Agreement. In May, we became经认证的B公司。We quickly responded to each crisis as it unfolded, pivoting to organic masks and supporting healthcare workers, safe elections, social justice groups, disease prevention, and food security. We set a new standard for 1% For the Planet members — the organization named Avocado itsinaugural Pinnacle Award winner。The distinction honors a business that raises the bar for environmental responsibility and goes above and beyond the commitment to the organization. 1% chose Avocado Green because we’ve donated millions of dollars to支持30个非营利组织that address their core mission and our commitment to碳中立性

但我们不是在这里拍摄自己。亚博官方网址下载我们知道2020年我们面临的问题不会在任何地方。即使他们日常生活的明确性,我们也会了解建立公平,公平,可持续的公司和地球的真实工作 - 是一场终身的努力。正如我们考虑到我们一生的工作,我们都提醒了塔尔莫德的一条线:你预计没有完成任务。你也不允许把它放下。

这是与品位n in mind that we reflect on our impact in 2020 and look ahead to 2021. We know we can do more. We know we can do better.


— Mark Abrials, Avocado Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

100 Percent of Carbon Emissions Offset
2 Percent of Annual Revenue Donated to Non-profits
B CORP影响得分126.2

When The World Stopped



3月中旬,当我们意识到Covid-19将是一个全球前所未有的规模的威胁,我们知道我们必须做点什么。当我们学到的条款,如“弯曲曲线,”“社交疏散”和“PPE”,我们很快重新安排了我们的洛杉矶工厂的切割和缝制部门,以生产面部面具。起初,努力是一个不利的倡议。随着需求要求我们缩放 - 我们现在已经缝制并分发了500,000多个面罩 - 我们以低成本提供我们的有机可重复使用的面具。我们设计了戴上的面具,让他们佩戴,方便,环保,我们向医院和有需要的其他组织捐赠给他们。11月,我们还向加利福尼亚州捐赠了15,000个面具,以帮助促进公平和安全的选举。

“Avocado Mattress is once again inspiring us with their latest response to the global health pandemic.”

1 Percent For the Planet

我们还与eCohealth联盟建立了紧急伙伴关系。Through our commitment to1% For the Planet,我们向非营利组织捐赠1%的年度收入,其工作支持社会和环境原因。由于Covid-19继续传播,我们希望支持一个解决问题的组织,以便首先存在导致疾病的问题。ecohealth联盟的mission is to prevent the migration of deadly disease spilling over from animals into humans to stop pandemics and promote conservation. The group works with local partners in the U.S. and around the world to strengthen disease prevention and detection systems in hotspot regions where the threat of new outbreaks is highest and resources lowest.


We’re also proud to offer 5 percent discounts to those on the front lines of the fight against Covid-19, including verified nurses, doctors, military, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and educators. It’s a simple way to show our appreciation for the invaluable work these individuals do, and to make an Avocado Mattress, and a good night’s sleep, as accessible as possible for these service members.



2020 made one thing very clear —

为股权而战 - 黑人生活很重要

在乔治弗洛伊德的警察杀戮之后,布康纳泰勒和阿布普·阿尔比利 - 悠久的暴力历史悠久的黑人美国人 - 鳄梨绿色,像许多其他人一样,被迫向内看。


Infographic Avocado Employees Surveyed

我们可以制造的最大的社会影响之一是提供生活工资,全面的医疗保健和支付休假时间。2020年,我们能够为更多的人提供给更多的人 - 我们公司在创造就业方面增长了63%。我们还提供员工季度支付志愿者日(公司已登录120志愿者小时今年,从霍博肯到亚特兰大到洛杉矶),以及像顶板和分类等方案,以支持心理和身体健康。我们的团队成员还重视公司的目的感,以创建一个更健康的星球。

“我有两个女孩,”Rosa Salazar说,他在鳄梨绗队部门工作。“我喜欢帮助拯救环境,同时延伸到我们之后的其他人的生活,这是我和女儿的最大梦想之一。”

We know environmental issues are inherently connected to social justice issues, and we’re proud that our factory in California, as well as our latex and wool processing facilities in India, are GOTS certified. GOTS prohibits the use of toxic inputs, including dyes and chlorine-based pre-treatments. They also require the treatment of wastewater discharged from processing our natural materials.




我们知道我们可以做更多的事情超出了我们的供应链,too. We became more intentional about including people of color in our marketing partnerships and product photoshoots. At Avocado magazine, where the majority of writers are people of color, we dove deep on topics like environmental racism, intersectionality, and disenfranchisement.

Outdoor Afro

我们还与社会司法领导者制定了紧急伙伴关系。通过我们的合作伙伴关系1% For the Planet,我们将所有收入的1%引导到Outdoor Afro是一个致力于制作户外娱乐,自然和保护的非营利组织。

The Climate Crisis Is Here

From reducing our impact to going carbon negative to lobbying for federal legislation, we’re doing something about humanity’s biggest threat.

气候危机的影响比2020年的目击者从未如此饱满。六月看到西伯利亚 - 100度的最高温度可能是什么。7月,加利福尼亚州死亡谷录得134度的温度 - 最热门的空气温度记录。气候变化导致飓风的快速增强,在秋天,气象学家耗尽了所有迫在眉睫的离岸自然灾害。气候危机在澳大利亚,西伯利亚和整个美国西部的野火中加剧了可怕的,前所未有的野火,在8月份,似乎整个地区都在厚厚的烟雾中覆盖。那个月,加州所有40万份加利福尼亚州都在疏散通知。在俄勒冈州的同一时间,气候变化引起的极端干旱条件推动的火灾导致了世界上任何地方的最严重的空气质量。几周,甚至甚至甚至走出来。

在鳄梨,如果事情变得更糟,我们会在线上读到什么,如果我们不对碳排放量变暖我们的星球 -数十亿流离失所的难民,数十亿损害, anda fundamental reshaping of society as we know it。这就是为什么,作为我们的一部分,我们呼吁Biden-Harris管理和联邦政策制定者在气候行动和清洁恢复中启动国家动员。就是现在。


我们知道我们也必须做我们的部分。这就是为什么,在2019年,鳄梨绿色成为第一家床垫公司气候中性认证, effectively making our business carbon neutral. In 2020, we took it a step further通过碳负数- 抵消比公司产生的更多碳排放量。我们通过减少我们可以减少一切,然后抵消所有范围1,2和3个排放来这样做。这是我们的业务活动生成的全碳足迹,从资源提取到完成产品交付。我们的抵消项目有助于减轻气候变化,并支持创新,以解决温室气体排放减少。对于2020年,我们资助了已验证的项目Bonneville环境基金会through the purchase of 39,000 metric tons of carbon offsets. That’s the carbon dioxide equivalent of nearly 100 million miles driven in the average passenger vehicle.


At Avocado, we also use natural, certified organic materials that have less of an impact on the planet. We believe in a circular economy that accounts for the life cycle of our products. That’s one reason we design our products with renewable materials, like cotton, linen, wool, kapok fiber, and latex. The materials make many of our products biodegradable. What’s more,our GOTS certified California factory我们与可再生能源完全强大,正在努力归零其零废物认证。我们掀起所有材料副产品。对于我们的家具线,我们尽可能使用再生木材。当它没有时,我们使用快速增长的FSC认证的木材,如桤木和道格拉斯冷杉。

我们还可以尽可能地限制我们的能源使用。我们使用再生钢圈和天然乳胶代替合成,石油的替代品。对于我们所做的能量,我们将100%的符合来自风电场的可再生能源证书Arcadia Power。As a result, clean energy is driven to the grid and supports the growth of wind energy.

Meanwhile, through our four retail locations — we added two in 2020, in Orange County and La Jolla — we booked more than 800 appointments for our video retail experience through Zoom, effectively keeping some 3.23 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere (assuming that each customer, on average, would have traveled 10 miles to a store). At our Experience Centers, which we designed to be community hubs, we also hosted 20 free virtual wellness events to support mental health (such as meditations and sound baths), and all profits from non-Avocado products sold in the Experience Centers go back to our nonprofit partners. Meanwhile, 25 percent of purchases for the stores were made with certified sustainable, women/minority owned, recycled, certified B Corp, or local companies.


As a certified B Corp, we’re committed to balancing purpose and profit.


我们相信,我们的业务应该是善的力量 - 除了提供世界一流的有机产品,我们还应该是社会和环境责任的领导者。在5月2020年5月,我们成为了一个认证B公司,得分为126.2 - 将鳄梨放在80点阈值的80点阈值以及任何床垫和床上用品公司的最高分。We had high impact scores in Community, Environment, and Workers categories

认证B公司orations are the gold standard for responsible business, demanding accountability toward a sustainable and inclusive economy. The rigorous certification process provides the highest standard of verified positive impact of a company. Once approved, B Corporations are legally required to change their governing documents to consider the result of their decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

B CORP希望重新定义社会业务手段的成功,从股东周围的模型转移 - 那些从公司获利的人 - 利益相关者 - 那些受公司影响的人。B CORP衡量企业,他们是不是良好的演员,并为所有人提供价值。这意味着考虑业务决策的更广泛的影响,并了解其超出底线的影响。全球超过3,000家公司现在是CORP认证。

Our Full B Impact Score


GOL,GOTS,GELENGUARD GOLD,使安全 - 在鳄梨,我们让我们的第三方认证进行谈话。


Many companies know that “being green” is good for business. Not many companies have third-party organizations audit their company to certify social and environmental responsibility.These certificationsvalidate what we’re doing is good for people and the planet — and not just greenwashing.

Infographic Certified Products

The Global Organic Latex Standard, the Global Organic Textile Standard, MADE SAFE, GREENGUARD Gold, B Corp, Climate Neutral — these are the most rigorous, independent certifications available to verify social and environmental responsibility through every step of our company. For example, GOLS ensures that products contain more than 95 percent of certified organic raw material. Our own GOTS and GOLS certified factory in Los Angeles, meanwhile, validates that our valued team receives fair wages, comprehensive benefits, and safe working conditions. GOTS also prohibits the use of the kinds of toxic chemicals commonly used in textile processing that can cause cancer, birth defects, and other serious illnesses. MADE SAFE is a rigorous scientific screening process that only allows the use of ingredients that are not known or suspected to harm human health, animals, aquatic life, or ecosystems. GREENGUARD Gold and Formaldehyde Free represent the highest emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, and phthalates. And 1% For the Planet ensures that our donations — we give away 1 percent of our revenue through the program — go to vetted nonprofits.

Learn More About Our Certifications

The Healthiest Materials On The Planet

From our farms to your mattress, by owning our supply chain we’re able to offer affordable products that are better for you and the planet.

Owning our entire process —from the farm to the mattress- 是真正将鳄梨分开的原因。它只是在床垫世界中没有发生。但就像用食物一样,我们的产品只与我们使用的成分一样好。当然,质量控制和更实惠的产品就是开始。通过删除供应链中的中间人,我们能够与农民合作,培养当地关系和发展农村社区,同时确保我们符合我们严格的有机认证的严格生态和社会责任实践。

我们提出的180,000只羊在印度北部的喜马偕尔邦地区,我们在整个40,000公顷旁边徘徊。我们使用我们可持续收获的羊毛 - 世界上最透气,柔软,热预测的天然纤维中的一个 - 对于我们的鳄梨绿色​​床垫,豪华婴儿床床垫,有机婴儿床床垫和拓扑。亚博官方网站

在科希,南方有2,000英里的郁郁葱葱,多样化的地区,我们合作我们的鳄梨有机乳胶processing facility along with more than 4,000 acres of latex farms we also manage. Among thousands of rows of rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis), our farmers harvest the pure rubber sap that is used to make the latex foam cores in our mattresses and toppers.

Conventional cotton is a polluted crop. But our organic cotton is held to a stricter standard. It’s ethically grown in India without pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This is better for you, our family farmers, and the planet.

We’re An Activist Company

We’re pushing other companies, organizations, and politicians to be more environmentally and socially responsible, too.

Avocado uses its influence to support climate change legislation and foster a business community dedicated to balancing purpose and profit. That’s why we’re members of the我们仍然在承诺, as well as公民气候,Lobby,公民盟联盟,而且气候协作

我们的可持续发展经理Bri Decker也在佐治亚州的B-Local董事会上,经常与当地商业界有关可持续商业惯例。




我们了解到,我们对环境和社会责任的承诺,我们能够在世界上造成的积极影响,将永远在不断发展 - 我们仍然只是入门。以下是我们在明年改进的几种方式。

  • 加入CERES,一个策略网络,我们可以倡导进步气候变化,清洁能源和国家和联邦立法者的水政政策。

  • 保护我们的森林保险公司认证验证,我们来自森林的产品专门从FSC认证公司提供。一个FSC认证的公司以保留生物多样性的方式管理森林,并利益当地人民和工人的生活,同时确保其维持经济可行性。

  • 确保我们的公平贸易证明确认,我们来自农场的材料已被证明提供公平的工资和安全工作条件。

  • 完成衡量产品占地面积的面罩产品的完整生命周期分析。

  • Secure Responsible Wool Standard certification to validate that our wool comes from farms that have a progressive approach to managing their land and practice holistic respect for animal welfare of the sheep.

  • 2021年,鳄梨的目标是通过回收超过90%的废物来实现零垃圾填埋技术。(在2020年,鳄梨成为第一个拥有其垃圾填埋场废物转移的床上用品公司,由UL验证。)

  • Increase engagement with stakeholders by surveying employees, suppliers, customers, and others immediately impacted by our business.

  • 完善包装,专门包括易于可回收的材料。

  • 简化我们的返回流程,以提高客户体验,并探索从退回产品中重新回复材料以关闭循环,减少废物的方法,并创建新的价值流。



鳄梨希望承认它在传统的本土领土上运作。我们的办公室位于新泽西州的霍博肯,位于Munsee Lenape People的传统领土。我们在加利福尼亚州Fullerton的工厂,位于传统境内的桐树和Kizh人的土地上。鳄梨认识到殖民主义的影响,并致力于通过我们的合作伙伴关系支持土着原因,以1%的地球。


在2020年冬季,我们捐赠了1%的收入Trees, Water, People。该组织采用了一种改进,保护和管理利用气候弱势群体的自然资源的使命。TWP设计整个拉丁美洲和美国部落土地的保护项目,以提高环境,同时为当地人创造经济机会。