According to the leading independent consumer publication's rating,鳄梨绿色床垫亚博官方网站is thebest-rated hybrid mattress in America — two years in a row美国新闻与世界报告rates Avocado as the2020年的1号混合床垫。但要清楚,我们制作有机乳胶混合床垫。What's that? It’s the best of both worlds — uniting the luxury of natural comfort layers with the superior support that only innersprings deliver. Avocado’s organic latex hybrid mattresses offer better back support, keeping your脊椎对齐and relieving aching pressure points. They allow for improved airflow, ensuring a cooler night’s sleep. They respond and flex easily. And of course, our latex hybrid mattresses deliver marathon-like durability, staying strong over the long haul for all body types and sleeping positions.

但与其他混合品牌不同,鳄梨是绿色的。我们的床是手工制作在洛杉矶有机认证材料(看看我们!),针簇代替粘在一起,Greenguard Gold认证for super low emissions, and制造Safe®无毒认证(which means no flame retardants, just wool). We’re so green we’re even Climate Neutral® Certified, fornet-zero emissionsall the way from the farm to your bedroom. What’s not to love?

Best rated hybrid innerspring mattress


我们的hybrid mattresses use a best-in-class ergonomic system that precisely contours to properly align your spine for better sleep and revitalized mornings.


在混合床垫中,线圈计数物质!(Pro提示:始终问。)大多数床垫在一张特大号床上有700个或更少的线圈。每个鳄梨床yabo官方网站垫都有1,414个线圈。更好的是,我们的钢状钢卷由Leggett和Platt®使用的美国制造100%再生钢。Plus, they use three different wire gauges and two different coil turn setups to tune each coil’s firmness and spring action based on its position in the bed.This is the pinnacle of body-contouring support!


在传统的内林单位中,线圈互锁。我们的QuantumEdge®EliteCombi-Zone®bed-tech的单位是一个奇迹,远远优于劳r-end designs. Each coil is individually wrapped and allowed to flex independently, tirelesslyconforming to your body’s natural curves


一个带有更多区域的内外单位优越。我们的QuantumEdge®EliteCombi-Zone®单元具有五个策略性调谐区域:(1)两根加固侧轨,(2)两个加强的页眉和页脚轨,(3)柔和的上身,(4)腰腰带在中间的支持,(5)另一个温和的下半身区域。和泉水一直延伸到最后, the “roll-off” feeling typical of low-end beds is eliminated.




Organic latex issimply母亲自然的礼物给我们。在舒适,透气性,弹性,弹性,运动隔离,耐用性,支持甚至可生物降解性方面,没有其他天然材料接近。我们的GOL有机认证的Dunlop Latexcomes from our共同农民的社会在印度,在美国农业部的国家有机计划下运营。它来自乳白色的橡胶树木,没有持续存在的除草剂和杀虫剂种植,并在一个中加工organic certified facilitythat we also jointly own. (Yes, we’re obsessive about quality control.)


我们的GOTS有机认证羊毛is sourced from family collectives that we co-own in India, operating under theUSDA's National Organic Program。它提供无与伦比的温度调节和防潮。它也是一种天然阻燃剂,允许我们在不使用有毒化学或合成火障碍的情况下满足所有联邦阻燃法。它甚至收到了STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification(19.欣。68466年,Hohenstein HTTI), ensuring it contains no harmful substances.


We only use100%GOTS organic certified cotton- 和trusted public certifications我们的棉花在印度负责任地和可持续发展,没有持久的杀虫剂和除草剂。这对您来说更好,以及我们的农民及其家人。最好的,有机棉提供更豪华的饰面,轻松呼吸,比任何合成都要避免水分。


探索我们GOTS & GOLS organic certified factory在洛杉矶,我们床垫的手工制作。发现12原因why Avocado Organic Mattresses are better for you and the planet. Or simply shop our鳄梨绿色Hybrid Mattress开始您的1年睡眠试验。



什么是混合床垫?A hybrid mattress combines the support that innerspring mattresses are known for with the comfort and resiliency that are the hallmarks of a foam mattress. Since they combine comfort and support in one unit, hybrid mattresses are considered to be the best of both modern bed technologies. A "true hybrid mattress" uses substantial foam and comfort layers over the innerspring unit. All Avocado mattresses are true hybrid mattresses, with 3 to 5 inches of premium (and organic) comfort layers.


什么是乳胶混合床垫?A latex hybrid mattress is similar to other hybrid mattresses but includes latex in the comfort layer. However, unlike Avocado, most mattress brands use blended or synthetic latex that is not 100% natural. They generallypair their latex comfort layers with other non-natural materials, such as polyurethane foam, viscoelastic memory foam, or "cooling" gels, as well as substances that are known to impact human health, like flame retardants and adhesives that are used to bind their layers together.

什么是gols有机乳胶?Organic latex must be certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) to contain 95% or more organic latex sap — the highest possible standard. Organic latex is responsibly grown on organic certified "rubber tree" farms without the use of persistent pesticides and herbicides, then processed in organic certified facilities. Organic latex is a sustainable and renewable resource that is far better for human health and the environment. Organic latex always includes a full chain of custody for trust and consumer transparency and must always be marketed with a license number under the GOLS certification logo from the certifying body, such as Control Union®. Obviously,GOLS organic certified latex costs much more than natural, blended, or synthetic latex, and is far more scarce. Customers should ensure that GOLS organic latex claims are backed by public certifications and finished products are listed in theGOTS Public Database

什么是有机床垫?"Organic" is a highly regulated term by the USDA's National Organic Program and the FTC. When a brand claims to have an organic mattress, it means all of the materials used that can be organic, are actually organic.有机床垫仅使用材料 - 通常是有机乳胶,棉花和羊毛 - 已经通过全球有机纺织标准(GOTS)和全球有机乳胶标准(GOL)认证。这些生态和社会责任标准由美国农业部的国家有机计划(NOP)认可,无论其原产国如何。这些标准意味着:所有材料都被证明是有机的;所有制造天然材料部件和成品的工厂都遵循有机实践,也是有机认证;而成品是有机认证的。它还必须保持道德商业实践。需要三个级别的认证。

What is an Organic Certified Latex Hybrid Mattress?鳄梨绿色Mattressis an organic certified latex hybrid mattress. The comfort fabric ticking and comfort layers are made with GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex, GOTS organic certified cotton, and GOTS organic certified wool. Talalay latex, which is natural latex, but does not meet organic standards, is not used. Polyurethane, viscoelastic memory foams or "cooling" gels are also not used. The innerspring support unit is made in the USA from recycled steel and cannot be made from organic materials.