Our Superfine Suvin Sheets are the最具异国情调,可持续的和豪华床单 - 任何地方. Made with only the finest100% GOTS organic certified Indian Suvin Cotton, Avocado Superfine Suvin Sheets have unparalleled luster, drape, and softness. What is Suvin? It’s one of the most highly-prized and rarest cottons in the world — considered the “king” of all cottons. With a lavish600 and 1,000 thread countSateen完成和令人难以置信的高抗拉强度,我们的辛文床单提供了完美的耐用性和柔软性。当然,他们是标准100由OEKO-TEX®®MakeSafe®认证— which means they’re lab-tested and screened to be free of harmful substances and toxins.



印度苏文棉是印度棉冠的宝石,绰号“苏文金”。Only a few thousand bales of this rare, heritage cotton are grown each year在印度南部泰米尔纳德邦的南部。手工收获,比埃及吉萨棉花稀有,通常在美国通常不可用,特别是在我们的极端线程数和自然状态。Suvin Cotton是一种非常自然和透气的纤维,可为您最酷,最豪华睡眠。


苏文是印度顶级遗产额外长期(els)棉花之一。苏文棉的独特性是其非凡的纤维长度,使其能够被编织到非常高的螺纹计数,而不会牺牲其独占的柔软性和丝线。苏文人38-40 mm fiber length将其联盟提前放在其他棉花之外,包括皮马棉(34毫米),Supima棉(34毫米),甚至埃及棉(31.5mm - 36mm)。它无与伦比的质量和我们独特的制造过程意味着随着时间的推移 - 你洗这些床单的越多 - 他们变得越来越柔软。


The “thread count” is the number of threads woven together in one square inch of fabric. Many manufacturers count individual threads twisted together to make a single thread, which leads to a misleading, inflated thread count. But Suvin is different. Because it’s the longest cotton fiber in the world, it enables an extremely fine yarn to be woven. As the yarn becomes longer and finer, it develops amore luxurious feelA.丝质珠光光泽- 更何况increased durability.一个真正的600和1,000帖子数超细素页套装是生态奢侈品的巅峰。


这款光滑的超细Suvin Cotton Shore非常精细,每次和每次洗涤均匀。颜色:white,自然, 和grey.


A denser and most luxurious weave, this is the most prized expression of our Superfine Suvin Cotton sheets. Colors:white自然.


我们的印度素绒棉是直接从家庭种植者购买的,以确保100%可追溯性。我们相信了解农民并体验棉花种植的农场。每个苏文棉棉花到达我们的棉纺厂,用于使用唯一的数量加工,允许从农场到最终生产过程的完全可追溯性。该过程采用最新技术在世界上创造最效益,高效的棉纺系统 - 必不可少地生产任何地方可用的最优质的纱线。


整个素升生产过程 - 从生长到收获,纺纱和染色 - 是Global Organic Textile (GOTS) organic certified. Our Superfine Suvin Sheets are sustainably produced in a manner that values the environment as much as the lives of the people that produce it. Our natural (raw) color option takes sustainability to the absolute extreme — it is produced with100% green energy from windmills. From the raw pieces of cotton to the finished sheets, absolutely no dyes are added to the product — retaining its beautiful and unique natural raw buff color and making it safer for you and your family. The result is a manufacturing process that, when compared to conventional practices, uses only12%的水和17%的标准能量。


Our Avocado Superfine Suvin Sheets areMADE SAFE® Certified- 一个严谨的科学筛查过程,只允许使用未知或怀疑损害人类健康,动物,水生生命或生态系统的成分。床单也收到了标准100由OEKO-TEX®:1级认证(15.HIN.75800, Hohenstein HTTI) — which requires annual lab testing to ensure no harmful substances are present as a result of processing, to include banned substances, toxic chemicals, pesticides, and dyes.


Organic Superfine Suvin Cotton Sheets

  • 非凡的辛文

  • 用100%有机印度苏文棉制造 - 世界上最长,最好,最稀有的棉花。经常被称为白金,每年只有几千捆的这种超细棉花种植。辛文是坦克皇冠宝石,以至于所有其他人的特殊实力,无与伦比的手感和豪华光泽。素芬纤维的平均长度为37mm,超级优质3.10微米素(衡量成分,大多数棉花为3.7 - 4.7)。GOTS Organic Certifiedby Control Union for all materials and the finished product.
    MADE SAFE® Certified.

  • 什么包括:

  • 板料包括1个平板,1个装配板,2个枕套。双绞线和双XL板套配有1个枕套。标准枕套适合外王外的所有尺寸。King Gird枕套包括King和California King套房。需要一套额外的枕套吗?他们可用这里.口袋容纳所有鳄梨床垫,深入适合13英寸的床垫。yabo官方网站

  • 高达1,000个线程计数

  • 我们的Suvin棉床单有600和1,000螺纹(TPI)选项。600 TPI Suvin有机用2/120 uvin有机x 2/120 uvin有机/ 196 x 91,带有纱线。1000 TPI Suvin有机用2/120 Suvin有机X 4/120 Suvin Organic / 228 x 132,采用镀纱。

  • Superfine Yarns

  • For standard cottons, or even most other long staple cottons, a high thread count does not translate to a better quality sheet. Organic India Suvin is different. Because it is the longest and finest cotton in the world, it is woven to extremely high thread counts per inch, with a super premium 2.8-3.0 micronaire (fiber diameter and maturity).

  • Sateen Weave

  • 最柔软的床单you will likely ever experience, our Organic Suvin Cotton features a sateen weave. Sateen is a four over and one under weave, which maximizes the surface area and gives it its subtle sheen and silky luster. It’s buttery soft and perfect for year-round luxury.

  • 极度罕见

  • Suvin is a hybrid of Sea Island cotton from St. Vincent in the Caribbean and an indigenous Indian variety called Sujata. Often called ‘White Gold’ or the "Cashmere of Cotton,” only a few thousand bales are grown each year in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Suvin is a straight variety (not a hybrid) and as yet not genetically modified. Cultivation requires 210-220 days from the date of sowing.

  • 有机和无毒认证

  • GOTS® Organic Certified Cotton (CU 863637). The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, certified by Hohenstein #18.HUS.40240. This ensures this product has passed strict testing for banned chemicals and harmful substances. MADE SAFE® Certified, to ensure no suspected toxins that could harm human or ecological health are present.

  • Care Instructions

  • 在温水中用类似颜色洗涤。使用温和的天然液体洗涤剂。请勿使用织物柔软剂,漂白剂或漂白剂。线干燥或滚动干燥,并及时移除。织物柔软剂和烘干机薄片减少了棉纺织品的吸收性,不建议使用。作为一种自然的替代品,使用羊毛干燥器球。根据需要铁或蒸汽。

  • Warranty & Return Policy

  • Our Organic Superfine Suvin Cotton Sheets are covered by a 100-night trial (subject to our Sleep Trial Policy Terms) and a1-Year Warranty.

  • 碳负化生产和运输

  • 鳄梨是碳负面业务。这意味着我们通过支持碳抵消项目通过支持碳抵消项目,我们自愿抵消超过100%的排放,从资源提取到运输Bonneville环境基金会。我们的抵消项目有助于减轻气候变化,并支持创新,以解决温室气体排放减少。




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